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Hey love givers!!!

As we have almost everything prepared for the business of love ;), it’s time now to get inspired and motivated for:
1) the «love» performance (February 14th).
2) «love» advertisement campaign to achieve everybody in high school show their love by sending flowers, candies, notes… to their beloved people. («Spread» your shows allover the Néstor at breaks time).

viagra eriacta 100 you have an inspirational webpage related to Saint Valentine’s day.

If you need ideas for your performances and shows based on YOUR BODY AND FACE EXPRESSION, get inspired here and we will work in class:
Sign language
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«Haka» dance in rugby
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«Time of my life» Dirty dancing
«You’re the one that I want» Grease

And an example of a group of 4ESO students organizing Saint Valentine’s day in their high school 😉
Do you want to know how to get your score in this unit? Check this chart:

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