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This is the NET students from 1ESO and 2ESO have created!!! We are really excited! At the beginning of the term, every single student in a class decided on a sport job he or she wanted to work as. Now, … Continuar


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What’s uuup??? You all managed to finish your beautiful handmade balls for juggling: good job! Now, it’s time for waggling 😉 (review the vocabulary) You will be required 4 patterns in the final exam: 1. Easy pattern with 2 balls … viagra 6800mg


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A una semana del inicio de los talleres, los empresarios y trabajadores del #quesepegue se enfrentan a su estreno con una campaña de publicidad. ¡Estamos deseando descubrir sus sorpresas en los próximos días! ¿Quiénes conseguirán atraer a más gente? ¡Que … Continuar

TUNEANDO EL #quesepegue

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Mientras llega el plazo de entrega de las propuestas de logos y otros símbolos representativos de nuestro proyecto, vamos recibiendo cositas muuuy interesantes, como este rap que resume los elementos más representativos de lo que nos traemos entre manos en … Continuar

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Hello everybody in bilingual 2ndESO! We have started this course by warming-up! You are doing a really good job at class, preparing tutorials about the specific warm-up for different physical activities and sports! Now that everyone knows already how to … Continuar


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Welcome to my blog, my brave students from 4ESO! In this post, you will find help and instructions for our first project: #PlayOut As you all know, WORKOUT means exercise, what you do when you train. We’re going to substitute … Continuar


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Hello, people! We have started the first project: A PUPPET (DOLL) WHO KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THE WARM-UP As you all already know, our warm-up is divided into 3 parts: 1. Joint mobility 2. Activation 3. Games Our puppets will … Continuar