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A gym is not needed for getting fit. Our ancestors kept theirselves «in shape» without joining a training/wellness/health center. No more excuses for starting your workouts everywhere! Live an active life! As we have mentioned in class, strength is the … Continuar


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Big welcome to my new bilingual students in IES Alhambra! (Image from: http://gloriaherrero.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Masswelcomemat.jpg)     In this blog, you will find info about the classes, resources for training, help for your learning and experiences with some other classmates and Physical Education … Continuar


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That’s how bilingual teachers in IES Néstor Almendros have worked together during this course using Information and Communication Technologies. There was a really special moment in January, when we celebrated «Peace Day» with an exciting mission: making 1000 origami cranes. … Continuar


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LUNES: BALONCESTO Y PRIMEROS AUXILIOS MARTES: FÚTBOL-TENIS Y GIMNASIA ACROBÁTICA MIÉRCOLES: VOLEIBOL Y BAILE MODERNO JUEVES: AEROBIC Y MAQUILLAJE-PEINADOS VIERNES: MALABARES Y PATINAJE Sólo los monitores más valientes de 1ºBachillerato se quedan para  seguir contagiando al instituto con todas estas actividades.  … Continuar